Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too. Many. Servers! posted an image of how some of the biggest companies on the web stack up in terms of numbers of servers.   We all know that Google must have a lot of servers to run all of their web services, but it is staggering to see (you might need to keep scrolling) a visual representation of how they compare to other companies. The image can be found here:  I wonder how they can find them all, let alone keep them running?  Thank for sharing the image


  1. 1M Servers! An interesting side note is that according to Alexa Google is using >1M servers to handle 40% of all web traffic and Facebook only needs 30K servers to handle 32%. Time to start appreciating the horse power required to index the entire net universe I guess.

  2. Also, facebook is just hosting a website, while google has their hand in many other types of services such as Gmail, Android, Chrome, google documents and more. So yes, may have 40% of web traffic, but they keep their servers much busier with things other than web browsing.