Monday, May 17, 2010

Is Your Facebook Page Secure?

Lately, facebook's security settings have been getting worse rather than better.  In order to introduce more features, Facebook's developers have made it easier for your personal information to be available on the internet.  This move has taken much criticism from technology experts and news agencies alike.  Even if you go through the settings yourself, you may miss some important settings that could allow your personal information to be shared with everyone.

A good defense starts with a good offense.   If you are particularly worried about something getting shared with the world, you probably shouldn't but posting it on facebook to begin with. If you are like me and want to give your facebook page a security checkup, head over to  There you get a link that you can drag up into the shortcut bar of your browser.  You then can log into you facebook page, click the link and view the results.  I thought that my settings were pretty secure, but I found that I had missed a few things.  Take a few minutes and follow the information on to start your checkup.

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