Friday, September 10, 2010

The BareGeek 2.0

Back and better than ever!  I started as a project that I was extremely excited about.  I had material, I had ideas and I had the drive to make it happen.  Unfortunately, I got very busy with work and completely lost my drive to keep writing.  On top of that, I was disappointed with the overall design of the site and was not getting much in the way of readership.  In all honesty, the information I presented was helpful and occasionally interesting, but overall rather dull.  Don't get me wrong, some of the topics were fun, but it felt too much like a computer self help column.  This not what being a Geek is, nor is it what I set out to do.

Starting today, you will notice a whole new look and feel to the site, but even more than that, you will notice a whole new take on the content.  The fact that my most widely discussed article was on a slow cooker should have sent off warning bells in my head.  Yes I am a computer geek, but I am also a food geek, a gamer geek, a movie geek, a camera geek and a nature geek.  My interests are not restricted to computers, so why should my writing.  I set out with the idea that geeks come in all different flavors and then proceeded to pigeonhole myself into being a computer geek.  Don't get me wrong, I still want to provide tips and tricks like I always did, but I also want to broaden my scope.  With that, I hope some of my other partitions of Geekiness will interest you if the computers did not do the trick.  After all, we all are geeks about something.

As always, please make a regular stop on your internet journey, take a break to comment and share the love!

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