Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Smaller Can be Better

One Item, One price, when it is sold out, they are done for the day.  This is the concept for the online retailer  What you loose in variety, you make up for in great deals.  I make a habit to check this website every morning to see what is for sale.  The best purchase I have made from Woot! was a Dyson vacuum for about $300 less than retail price with $5 shipping.  The vacuum was factory re-certified, but it still came with a manufacturer warranty and has worked great for almost 3 years now.  As always, do your homework before making any purchases.

Today works a little differently.  They have a woot-off going on.  During a woot-off, there is a smaller quantity of items, but they continually put up new items all day.  Be quick if there is something you want to buy!

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