Monday, February 22, 2010

What Kind of Geek are You?

I am a Geek. There, I said it. Being called a geek was once an insult, but today, it as a brand that is often given to those in the I.T. industry that spend their days staring at screens. I would argue, that deep down everyone is a geek to some extent.

If you have more chargers in your travel bag than you do toiletries, you are probably a Gadget Geek.

If you have ever waterproofed a tent, you are probably a Camping Geek.

If you have ever packed your spice cabinet along with that tent, you are probably a Food Geek.

If you have a TV remote that costs more than your couch, you are probably a Movie Geek.

The list goes on and on. Basically a geek is someone who has a passion for something that others without that passion cannot understand. If you are not a food geek, I cannot explain to you the joys of wagu beef. Likewise, if you are not a computer geek, I cannot explain to you why a $100 computer mouse so nice.

Among my many levels of geekdom, I am first and foremost a computer geek. I am a computer geek by trade, by education and by choice. However, I am not the type of computer geek that speaks only in ones and zeros. I can, and often have to, explain technology in a way that anyone can appreciate it. This blog is my chance to provide information, tips and hopefully some fun to anyone that wants to read it. While you may not consider yourself a computer geek, you are reading a Blog, so we at least have one thing in common.

My main focus will be on technology, but I also plan to branch out into other areas of my inner geek when the mood strikes me. Please let me know what you think and bare with me as I get this project off of the ground. Most of all, if you like something, please feel free to tell others about Lastly, don't forget to ask yourself, What kind of geek are you?


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