Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blogging, My Week One Review

Technically Monday marked my first week writing for the BareGeek blog, but I have not gotten around to finishing this article until tonight.  I plan on checking in regularly to discuss my experience blogging as blogs themselves are a type of technology that others may be interested to learn about.

Setting up the blog was easy.  Picking my topics has been a piece of cake.  I even have a long list stored up of ideas to keep me going.  The hardest part has been the writing.  It is time consuming and I have to constantly remind myself to stay focused on each topic.  Some nights I can write with ease, others I am distracted and barely make any progress.  Blogger has a great feature that lets you sit down and write posts that you can set to post at a latter date.  This lets me write a lot when I am focused and then have it post at some point in the future.  I am getting faster at putting ideas together, but it can still be difficult at times.

My second struggle has been "advertising"  my blog.  I don't profit from it, but I write because I enjoy sharing tips and ideas.  I still would love to see more comments and people actively reading the posts as it keeps me motivated to keep going.  Someone recommended to me that I link the posts to a Facebook page so that they show up on peoples walls.  This was a great idea and I did it, only to find that it can takes days for new posts to show up on Facebook.  I am now trying a different way that I hope will work well.  Any tips or ideas on how to get the word out in other ways would be great.  As always, please pass my posts on to anyone that you might think would enjoy them.

So it has been a challenging start, but I am still very motivated to see this through.  I want to be a resource  for anyone to be able to learn and enjoy new things about technology.  Please leave me your feedback on week one in the comments, positive and negative, as both will help.  Thats enough of the personal stuff, tomorrow I will be back with a new tip.

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