Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Review Review

Yes I know, I haven't gotten to many product reviews, but the truth is, writing a good review takes time and I do not want to skimp on the details for the sake of getting the post done.  I am hoping to have a new one ready for next week.

In the mean time, fear not, while I look forward to sharing my thoughts on each and every gadget and program I can get my geeky paws on, others have done so before me.  If you are ever interested in learning more about a specific product, service or program, search Google for the name of what you are looking for followed by the word "review".   By using this method, you will be much more likely to get results that contain detailed reviews as opposed to simply pages selling and discussing the products.  Always remember:
  • Be as specific as you can, model numbers for products work great. 
  • Never put too much faith in one review, instead look for trends among many.  
  • Always consider your source.  While reviews always have some subjective aspects, a website that is dedicated to the downfall of Apple is not the best place to learn about the newest iPod.

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