Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your Own Personal Radio Station

Last.fm is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites.  The concept is simple, you type the name of a musician or a genre and music by and similar to what you selected is played until you choose something new.  You cannot select individual songs, but you can skip to the next song and mark which songs you like and what songs you don't want to come up again.  They have both old and modern music and everything from classical to reggae.

Where last.fm really starts to shine is when you create your own free account.  With your own account, last.fm will keep track of what you listen to and what you skip.  Based on your patterns, it will tailor your music selections to what your listening patterns are.  Also, the website will store your most recently searched "stations" on your front page, so that you may go back to the ones that you liked.  Last.fm is not only available on your computer, but also the Xbox, iPhone and Android phones.

Keep in mind, the service is free.  With that you have to listen to the occasional advertisement every few songs.  Also, don't expect to download songs or have the service available when you are not connected to the internet, you have to constantly be connected for it to work.  Lastly, some of the music choices are random and seem out of place.  Most songs seem to work well together, but once in a while you get a song that may match the artist by name, but from a completely different genre.

While there may be similar services out there, last.fm offers the most accurate and custom listening options out of all the services that I have tried.  While you can visit the site and try it out without any extra steps, do yourself a favor and create an account to get the custom experience.

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