Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Quick Note on Virus Protection

Well, two quick notes actually:

  1. Never have more than one antivirus program installed.  Not only does it not offer you more protection, the programs often can conflict with each other and bring your computer to its knees.  In fact, if you get  a virus, both programs will try to simultaneously remove the virus and this could render your computer unusable.
  2. I know I posted about Microsoft Security Essentials being a great antivirus program, but you may wonder why I am not recommending a full security suite that has antivirus, spyware protection, a firewall, phishing filter, popup blocker and all of the other fancy features that the major antivirus companies advertise.  The truth is, Windows has all of those extra features built into it.  Typically, the full security suites replace Window's built in protection with their version.  They do this with varying degrees of success, but they almost always use more of your computers resources.  I have not yet found a program that is worth the price and the loss of resources.  All you need is a good antivirus program that also scans for other types of malware.  Security Essentials is just this.  

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