Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Great Way to Get Music

Downloading music has changed many times over the past 10 years or so.  Some music could only be played on some devices.  Some music seemed free, but then became better known for costing people thousands of dollars in law suites.  Today, the biggest source of legally downloadable music is iTunes.  For iPod owners, this is the most direct and easiest way to get your music.  However, there is a great alternative for both iPod and non-iPod users alike.

Amazon MP3.  Amazon MP3 has some of the best prices around, both per track and per album, and has almost every genre you would want to hear.  Their music will also work on any portable music player out there.  The best part is that the songs download right from your web browser so there is no need to install a separate program.  Your purchases are made from a credit card linked to your Amazon.com account, so you do not even need to pre-purchase points or credits.  At the very least, give it a try next time you find a song that is more than $.99, I bet it will be lower on Amazon.  With music as affordable and as accessible as it is today, there is no reason to ever mess around with other means such as LimeWire or Torrent sites.  Besides, if you like an artist, isn't their song worth $.99 to you?


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